Thursday, 10 October 2013

Basic Rooting (Lenovo A800) explained

I once went through a lot of stress getting to root Lenovo A800 which came installed with some annoying China Unicom apps that I would never make use of, almost bricked my phone before I was successfully able to install a rom that worked.
Flashing a custom recovery (e.g cmw, twrp, or moded 3e), rooting your android phone and installing a custom rom is quite easy. However patience and carefulness is required.
Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any damages you inflict on your phone, I did these steps and was successful. You will and must take full responsibility for whatever comes out of this!!
So let’s get down to the business of the day, steps are outlined below.
Getting all necessary software;
Lenovo usb driver (can be found in your A800’s internal memory) alternatively MT6577 USB VCOM drivers,
Lenovo a800 custom recovery image(Google it exactly the way you see)
Lenovo a800 custom rom (use Google to get this or try
After all, the above mentioned have been secured, install MTKdroid tool to your pc and your Lenovo usb driver or MT6577 USB VCOM drivers.
Connect phone to laptop and enable usb debugging mode.
Open MTKdroid tools user interface and allow it detect your a800.
Unzip recovery image you downloaded previously and store in MTKdroid tools folder.
Go to root, backup and recovery window and tick “backup userdata and cache” and tick “leave flash tool files on sdcard” after which click “backup”.
Next on the lower right part of the window click on “root” and your Lenovo a800 should be rooted in seconds.
Next install “superuser su” and build.prop
Next select the custom recovery image from the recovery and boot area in you MTKdroid tools interface and flash custom image to phone (must unzip and drop image file e.g recovery.img or image.img), when done, from your mtk interface click on reboot, then reboot into recovery. Your phone should boot into recovery.
Select custom rom (must be a zipped file, don’t unzip) and place in your sdcard.
Insert sdcard into phone, put phone on and boot into recovery (do this using mtkdroid tools just like in number 9. Of this post or hold power button + volume up button + volume down button when phone is off to boot into recovery. Note, this varies from custom recovery to another, try volume up + power + home button if the previous doesn’t take you to recovery mode.)
Do well to backup your phone just in case it all goes wrong.
Still in recovery mode, wipe or clear cache, factory reset and clear delvik cache (delvik cache in advanced mode). After which select install and the rom you downloaded (select rom from sdcard, uncheck signature verification and MD5 checksum.) Installation should take probably 3 mins.
After successfully flashing the rom reboot and wait for few minutes. (If during reboot you see the message “No Rom installed, do you want to continue?” please redo the process.)
Note: For rooting there are several other softwares and ways to go about it. Make sure your installing a rom from a recognized developer (always check comments of people who have downloaded and used the rom).

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