Sunday, 16 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 7

Lesson 7 = Camera

We all purchase smartphones for the following reasons: gaming, browsing, photography and versatility. From experience i can tell that everyone needs a phone with an average camera.
Just a few years back a 3.2mp camera phone was a state of the art photographing device, fast forward a years to 2013/2014, big megapixels are the order of the day.

It is noteworthy to point out that megapixels aint all there is to a good camera phone, for example; 5 mp camera on a Lenovo or Blackberry device will kill an 8mp camera on most Tecnos and Infinixes; in the same vein, an 8mp camera on an Apple or Oppo or Xiaomi product will totally bury 13 and 14mp cameras found on almost any phone in the market today. I would also accord honor to whom it is due, the 4mp Ultrapixel camera found on HTC's current flagship phone One, is breathtakingly good.

Cameras with good performance at low light conditions are the best. Before purchasing a smartphone, make sure the aperture of the lens is small, the smaller the aperture, the better the picture.
Check the recording definitions of the camera before purchasing. For example, the 5mp camera on the N28, 000 ZTE V967S can do 1080p whereas most N30 to N35k 8mp phones can only manage 720p.

Below are some phones with exceptionally good cameras.
* Oppo N1 @ N89, 000
* Xiaomi Redmi @ N40, 000
* Zopo ZP820 @ N30, 000
* Gionee Elife E7 @ N80, 000
* Inew V3 @ N40, 000
* Lenovo A850 @ N33, 000
* Huawei Honor 3C @ N45, 000
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 6

Get To Know Your Smartphone 6
Lesson 6 = Battery

A battery is an device that converts stored chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery seen in devices such as the one you are using now is the secondary type of battery. The rechargeable battery.
When purchasing a smartphone you have to be critical about it's battery. Battery is rated in mAH. "The rated capacity of a battery is usually expressed as the product of 20 hours multiplied by the current that a new battery can consistently supply for 20 hours at 68 °F (20 °C), while remaining above a specified terminal voltage per cell. For example, a battery rated at 100 A·h can deliver 5 A over a 20-hour period at room temperature, a battery rated at 2000 mAh for a 10- or 20-hour discharge would not sustain a current of 1 A for a full two hours as its stated capacity implies"- Wikipedia. This literally means that the larger the battery rating in mAH, the longer it should last.
There are however somany factors that affects the battery life of a mobile phone. They are as follows:

* Screen: the better your device's display, the more it will deplete your battery. Thats has been proven time again and again. There is hardly anyone who would want to compromise display quality for longer battery life, if you are one of such; then the N40,000 Neo N003 with a 5.0 inch inch 1080p display and 3000mah battery is what you need. However if a strong battery is all you need, the N13,500 Doogee Collo 120 with 320p screen and 3000mah battery should do the job

* CPU: the more cores a cpu has the more power is required to run them, the higher the clocking speed the more the power consumed. So when opting for a powerful phone, dont think its 2000mah battery will last a day if you are a heavy user.

* OS: some operating system are disigned in such a way that they don't use much battery power, either due to the fact that underground apps are always stopped from running or because the OS is simplistic and practical, such is the case with Windows Phone OS.

* Habits: Overcharging and undercharging are factors that will kill your battery in no time. Avoid using chargers other than the specified charger for your phone else you risk damaging not only your battery but also your screen.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 5

Get To Know Your Smartphone 5
Lesson 5 = CPU

CPU as you may well have known, stands for Central Processing Unit. This is basically the heart of all computers, the CPU aka processor has a large role to play as to how much a device would cost. Usually the more powerful your chip is the better the performance you get. There are so many chip makers like Huawei, Nvidia, Samsung, Intel, Allwinner, Rockchip and Qualcomm just to mention a few. However they are four major chip makers in the industry. 1: MediaTek, 2: Qualcomm, 3: Nvidia and 4: Apple. Select any four phones at random and you will find out that atleast 2 of the devices use one or more of the above mentioned chip makers.

MediaTek; this is a home grown Taiwanese chip making company that decided to make cheap yet powerful processors. Was that really the formular needed for success? Well given that 1 out of every 3 android phone possesses MediaTek heartbeat testifies to the appropriateness of their plan. The MT6582 processor has won the hearts of many giants including HTC, LG, Huawei, and even Sony. Other processors are the MT6589 quadcore processor clocked at 1.2ghz as can be found in Tecno Phantoms and Infinix Alphas; the MT6588; the MT6592 octacore which seriously outdoes the Snapdragon 600, found in THL T100S and HTM H1 the MT6592 can support LTE and is a decent alternative to a snapdragon 800; the MT6582 clocked at just 1.3ghz but turns out to be one of the best, if not the best performing chip in its class.

Qualcomm, the benchmark for all chip makers, this is the one company almost everybody is chasing after. Their Snapdragon 800 is the most powerful chip till date. It can be found in Xiaomi MI3, ZTE Nubia Z5S, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, all posting Antutu benchmarking scores northwards of 34,000.

If you are a simple social networker who loves to watch movies and play videos, a simple dualcore should be enough for you. But if you are a heavy user and gamer, the a good old quadcore will be enough.

Processors to watch out for.
*Nvidia Tegra K1
*Samsung Exynos 5 octa (64bit)
*64bit offerings from Allwinner, Huawei and Rockchip.

Type by cores
* Single core x1
* Dualcore x2
* Quadcore x4
* Hexacore x6
* Octacore x8

Most powerful Phone chips in no particular order
1: Snapdragon 800 and the coming 805
2: Mediateks MT6592
3: Nvidia Tegra K1
4: Apple A7
5: Hisilicon K3V3

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 4

Lesson 4 = Durability

Durability is a very serious deciding factor as to whether a brand is to be bought or not. Unfortunately, due to greed of our own sellers Chinese branded phones have always been tagged poor, cheap and fake. The irony in this is that the world's largest phone company makes phones that are generally known to be problematic. I have heard numerous complaints from user of 4 month old Galaxy phones bought at over N90,000. Nobody will consciously shell out large sums on a product with reliability problem. The most durable phones on earth are the iphones, however that doesn't mean its hopeless for the average man who needs a N20k or N30k product with strong reliability / durability records.

China's Largest Phone Makers
1: Huawei
2: ZTE
3: Lenovo
4: Coolpad

Most Reliable Chinese brands in no particular order
*Lenovo (new owners of Motorola)
*TCL (Alcatel)

If am to give my personal opinion, a Xiaomi, Oppo or Meizu can rival any IPhone because these brands have legendary quality and durability.

So, the next time you ask somebody "what phone is that?'' And he says, "Gionee Elife E7" and you then say "hmmm, china" make sure you are using at least a Nexus 5 or Xperia Z1 else, you may have to eat your words. Bold 5, Lumia 720 and the likes don't stand a chance in hell.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 3

Lesson 3 = Screen Density and Resolution

Screen resolution, size, and density matters alot as to whether you will enjoy a phone or not. The average screen resolution is 800x480 pixels as can be found on most 4 inch screen phones. On smaller devices with 3.5 inch screen resolution is usually 480x320 pixel and although the aforementioned offers a nice if not crispy display, these phones are usually useless under sunlight.

The most widely used screen resolution for flagship phones is HD 1280x720p as can be found on Tecno Phantom A+, A3; Infinix Alpha Marvel and similar smartphones with densities ranging from 294ppi to 343ppi. The greater the pixel per inch (ppi), the better the crispiness, viewing angle and clarity of the device. Well if your ever held a Phantom A3 at 100% screen brightness before then you would appreciate how clear a 720p screen is. There are however other nice products employing this same screen, the Zopo ZP810 that has a quadcore processor and 1gb of RAM, the Faea F1 that uses Qualcomm's S4 with 1gb of RAM and Lenovo A30 that comes with 8mp camera and a quadcore MTK processor.

But, what of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 and HTC One? All come with (FHD) Full High Definition display that is 1920x1080p which translates 401ppi to 463ppi. The problem is that the above mentioned phones all cross the N70k mark. However at N45K you can get The Inew V3 with a 1080P display, Neo N003 1080P @ N45K to N55K, or even the Zopo ZP980+ that comes equipped with a 1080P display, an octacore processor and 14megapixel rear camera @ N55K.
Note: all phones mentioned in the 1080p section use OGS technology and have protective lamination like Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass.

Where you thinking 1080P was the latest in screen resolution? Well it was till Vivo launched the XPlay3S. This phone uses a 5.5 inch screen with 2520x1440p @ 530ppi. The other phones to use a 2k screen (2k is 2520x1440pixels) are the yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy S5, The yet to be launched HTC 2 and Oppo Find 7. The Vivo xplay3s is the world's 1st 2k phone and can be bought @ N135,000.

Price list

Zopo ZP810 (720p, 1gb, 4gb, 8mp, 5.0inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N33k
Zopo ZP820 (680p, 1gb, 4gb, 8mp, 5.0inch, 1.3x4ghz) @ N30k
Neo N003 (1080p, 2gb, 32gb, 13mp, 5.0inch, 1.5x4ghz) @ N55k
Neo N003 (1080p, 1gb, 4gb, 13mp, 5.0inch, 1.5x4ghz) @ N45k
Zopo ZP980+ (1080p, 1gb, 4gb, 14mp, 5.0inch, 1.7x8ghz) @ N55k
ZTE V965 (454p, 512mb, 4gb, 5mp, 4.5inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N23k
Doogee DG300 (560p, 512mb, 4gb, 5.0inch, 1.3x2ghz) @ N25k
Faea F1 (720p, 1gb, 4gb, 4.5inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N32k
THL T1000 (1080p, 2gb, 32gb, 5.0inch, 1.7x8ghz) @ N64k
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