Thursday, 30 January 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 2.

Get To Know Your Mobile
Lesson 2 = RAM

RAM is an acronym for random access memory, a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly; that is, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes. RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers.

RAM, Main Memory and ROM Explained
In common usage, the term RAM is synonymous with main memory, the memory available to programs. For example, a computer with 8MB RAM has approximately 8 million bytes of memory that programs can use. In contrast, ROM (read-only memory) refers to special memory used to store programs that boot the computer and perform diagnostics. Most personal computers have a small amount of ROM (a few thousand bytes). In fact, both types of memory (ROM and RAM) allow random access. To be precise, therefore, RAM should be referred to as read/write RAM and ROM as read-only RAM.

Now amongst the RAM used in mobile devices, the DDR3 RAM is the fastest available yet. The bigger the RAM your devices has the better it can multitask. 1GB of RAM is the average for heavy users, a N28,000 Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protected Jiayu G2F will give you lots of processing power and 1 GB of sufficient RAM. For example, have you ever tried playing a HD game on a Tecno N3? Even opening a powerpoint file on an Infinix JoyPad could be discouraging. However for as low as N22,000 you can own a Cube Talk 7 pad equipped with 1GB DDR3 RAM and built in 3G. Below are some divices and their RAM.
* Neo N003 Advanced 2GB RAM @ N50k
* ZTE V965 Quadcore 512MB RAM @ N22k
* Vivo Xplay 3S 3GB RAM @ N120k
* UMI X3 3GB RAM @ N68k
* Lenovo A850 1GB RAM @ N33k
* Iocean X7 advanced 2GB RAM @ N50k
* Star W450 1GB RAM @ N25k
Note: all devices listed are Quadcore phones
Call 08168432990 for more info.

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