Monday, 3 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 3

Lesson 3 = Screen Density and Resolution

Screen resolution, size, and density matters alot as to whether you will enjoy a phone or not. The average screen resolution is 800x480 pixels as can be found on most 4 inch screen phones. On smaller devices with 3.5 inch screen resolution is usually 480x320 pixel and although the aforementioned offers a nice if not crispy display, these phones are usually useless under sunlight.

The most widely used screen resolution for flagship phones is HD 1280x720p as can be found on Tecno Phantom A+, A3; Infinix Alpha Marvel and similar smartphones with densities ranging from 294ppi to 343ppi. The greater the pixel per inch (ppi), the better the crispiness, viewing angle and clarity of the device. Well if your ever held a Phantom A3 at 100% screen brightness before then you would appreciate how clear a 720p screen is. There are however other nice products employing this same screen, the Zopo ZP810 that has a quadcore processor and 1gb of RAM, the Faea F1 that uses Qualcomm's S4 with 1gb of RAM and Lenovo A30 that comes with 8mp camera and a quadcore MTK processor.

But, what of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 3 and HTC One? All come with (FHD) Full High Definition display that is 1920x1080p which translates 401ppi to 463ppi. The problem is that the above mentioned phones all cross the N70k mark. However at N45K you can get The Inew V3 with a 1080P display, Neo N003 1080P @ N45K to N55K, or even the Zopo ZP980+ that comes equipped with a 1080P display, an octacore processor and 14megapixel rear camera @ N55K.
Note: all phones mentioned in the 1080p section use OGS technology and have protective lamination like Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass.

Where you thinking 1080P was the latest in screen resolution? Well it was till Vivo launched the XPlay3S. This phone uses a 5.5 inch screen with 2520x1440p @ 530ppi. The other phones to use a 2k screen (2k is 2520x1440pixels) are the yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy S5, The yet to be launched HTC 2 and Oppo Find 7. The Vivo xplay3s is the world's 1st 2k phone and can be bought @ N135,000.

Price list

Zopo ZP810 (720p, 1gb, 4gb, 8mp, 5.0inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N33k
Zopo ZP820 (680p, 1gb, 4gb, 8mp, 5.0inch, 1.3x4ghz) @ N30k
Neo N003 (1080p, 2gb, 32gb, 13mp, 5.0inch, 1.5x4ghz) @ N55k
Neo N003 (1080p, 1gb, 4gb, 13mp, 5.0inch, 1.5x4ghz) @ N45k
Zopo ZP980+ (1080p, 1gb, 4gb, 14mp, 5.0inch, 1.7x8ghz) @ N55k
ZTE V965 (454p, 512mb, 4gb, 5mp, 4.5inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N23k
Doogee DG300 (560p, 512mb, 4gb, 5.0inch, 1.3x2ghz) @ N25k
Faea F1 (720p, 1gb, 4gb, 4.5inch, 1.2x4ghz) @ N32k
THL T1000 (1080p, 2gb, 32gb, 5.0inch, 1.7x8ghz) @ N64k
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