Sunday, 16 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 7

Lesson 7 = Camera

We all purchase smartphones for the following reasons: gaming, browsing, photography and versatility. From experience i can tell that everyone needs a phone with an average camera.
Just a few years back a 3.2mp camera phone was a state of the art photographing device, fast forward a years to 2013/2014, big megapixels are the order of the day.

It is noteworthy to point out that megapixels aint all there is to a good camera phone, for example; 5 mp camera on a Lenovo or Blackberry device will kill an 8mp camera on most Tecnos and Infinixes; in the same vein, an 8mp camera on an Apple or Oppo or Xiaomi product will totally bury 13 and 14mp cameras found on almost any phone in the market today. I would also accord honor to whom it is due, the 4mp Ultrapixel camera found on HTC's current flagship phone One, is breathtakingly good.

Cameras with good performance at low light conditions are the best. Before purchasing a smartphone, make sure the aperture of the lens is small, the smaller the aperture, the better the picture.
Check the recording definitions of the camera before purchasing. For example, the 5mp camera on the N28, 000 ZTE V967S can do 1080p whereas most N30 to N35k 8mp phones can only manage 720p.

Below are some phones with exceptionally good cameras.
* Oppo N1 @ N89, 000
* Xiaomi Redmi @ N40, 000
* Zopo ZP820 @ N30, 000
* Gionee Elife E7 @ N80, 000
* Inew V3 @ N40, 000
* Lenovo A850 @ N33, 000
* Huawei Honor 3C @ N45, 000
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