Sunday, 9 February 2014

Get To Know Your Smartphone 6

Get To Know Your Smartphone 6
Lesson 6 = Battery

A battery is an device that converts stored chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery seen in devices such as the one you are using now is the secondary type of battery. The rechargeable battery.
When purchasing a smartphone you have to be critical about it's battery. Battery is rated in mAH. "The rated capacity of a battery is usually expressed as the product of 20 hours multiplied by the current that a new battery can consistently supply for 20 hours at 68 °F (20 °C), while remaining above a specified terminal voltage per cell. For example, a battery rated at 100 A·h can deliver 5 A over a 20-hour period at room temperature, a battery rated at 2000 mAh for a 10- or 20-hour discharge would not sustain a current of 1 A for a full two hours as its stated capacity implies"- Wikipedia. This literally means that the larger the battery rating in mAH, the longer it should last.
There are however somany factors that affects the battery life of a mobile phone. They are as follows:

* Screen: the better your device's display, the more it will deplete your battery. Thats has been proven time again and again. There is hardly anyone who would want to compromise display quality for longer battery life, if you are one of such; then the N40,000 Neo N003 with a 5.0 inch inch 1080p display and 3000mah battery is what you need. However if a strong battery is all you need, the N13,500 Doogee Collo 120 with 320p screen and 3000mah battery should do the job

* CPU: the more cores a cpu has the more power is required to run them, the higher the clocking speed the more the power consumed. So when opting for a powerful phone, dont think its 2000mah battery will last a day if you are a heavy user.

* OS: some operating system are disigned in such a way that they don't use much battery power, either due to the fact that underground apps are always stopped from running or because the OS is simplistic and practical, such is the case with Windows Phone OS.

* Habits: Overcharging and undercharging are factors that will kill your battery in no time. Avoid using chargers other than the specified charger for your phone else you risk damaging not only your battery but also your screen.

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